The Reluctant Web Developer

Hi, my name’s Keith Millington: failed musician, bumbling dad and reluctant web developer.

Back in the early 2000s I taught myself to hand code in HTML, CSS and JavaScript and had a fairly thriving clientele base. Twenty years later, I’ve successfully managed to lose those websites for which I had no personal interest, but thankfully still work with several of my oldest friends and associates, helping them maintain a web presence.

I’m not actively looking for work, but from time to time a new project will pique my interest, as it did recently when I started working with Winding Road, the Sheryl Crow Tribute band.


Image of Winding Road website

Winding Road
Sheryl Crow tribute band

Image of Graham Hunter website

Graham Hunter
Professional Musician, Bandleader and Teacher

Digby Fairweather
Author and Musician

Heather Simmons
Jazz Chanteuse


Winding Road
Video Showreel


Digby Fairweather
Scenes From A Jazz Life


Heather Simmons
Live at Boisdale of Belgravia

Stud 100
You Should Have Listened to Your Mother (great guitar playing)